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[2022] Final Poem for My Mother, Frontier Poetry
[2022] Blood-flex, The Offing
[2022] I haven't mastered the mirror, The Offing
[2022] Radical Literary Friendships, VS Roll Call: A Black Poetry Radio Hour. The Poetry Foundation (Forthcoming)
[2021] Bear With Me: The Gospel According to DMX. EcoTheo Journal
[2020] Questions I Can’t Get to the End of Without Bleeding Out, Vulvodynia. The Rumpus (Forthcoming)
[2019] My therapist asks. Voicemail Poems
[2018] On Classrooms and Ghosts. Tinderbox Poetry Journal
[2018] Pulling Teeth and Answers Before Dying. The BreakBeat Poets Vol. 2 Eds. Mahogany L.
Brown. Idrissa Simmonds and Jamila Woods. Haymarket Books: Chicago, IL.
[2017] When Viola Davis Won. Def Jam Poetry
[2017] Patriarchy as a Haunting (or) When the God is also the Ghost. Gramma
[2017] Decolonizing the Body. Winter Tangerine
[2016] When Viola Davis Won. Button Poetry
[2016] Sestina for Black Badgers. Button Poetry
[2016] When Viola Davis Won. For Harriet
[2016] THE N-WORD HAS POLYCEPHALY. The Blueshift Journal
[2016] How to be Slaughtered. Word Riot
[2016] apiary. Underscore Review
[2015] Trash. Theatre Lila

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